McConnell Financial helps the best organizations find each other, the best organizations find the best people, and the best get better.



True sustainability is rarely achieved in a vacuum. McConnell Financial connects organizations and the people who run them to support mergers, restructurings, and other important collaborations. 


Everybody needs a little help sometimes. McConnell Financial provides hands-on support for CEOs, CFOs, and other financial staff seeking support around growth strategies as well as financial systems, implications, and projections.



Finding the right person for the right job at the right time isn't easy. Whether you’re conducting a local or national search, looking for a permanent fit or an interim solution, McConnell Financial can help.



Even in the best of times, which these are not, organizations must work together to maximize their resources, grow through collaboration, and determine what structures make the most sense for pursuing their important missions. 

But to work together, organizations must find each other. That's where McConnell Financial comes in. We know who you need to talk to, what you need to ask, and where you can get the biggest coffee or best beer within a three-block radius of your meeting location. 

If you find yourself ready to go forward with a merger, restructuring, or other significant collaboration, we can connect you with the people to guide you through it. 

And if you find you have other needs, for work on your organizational culture, talent recruitment and retention, communications or fundraising, we can connect you with the right people there as well. 

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How can we manage our finances effectively in uncertain times?

How can I get my boss (CEO, Board Chair, etc.) to understand what I'm presenting?

What are the financial implications of [insert new government policy, program expansion, merger option, etc.] for this agency? 

Whatever your questions, McConnell Financial can help you find the answers. And if we can't, we will find you someone who can. We specialize in working with new CFOs and CEOs, in focus areas such as maximizing limited resources, navigating Board relations, and creating the systems required for intentional growth. 

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Whether you are looking to hire a financial staff member to join your agency, or you are a finance person looking for new opportunities, McConnell Financial can help you connect. 

We leverage our broad local and national networks of individuals and organizations to help finance people find the right position for them, and help agencies find the people who are ready to step in on an interim basis or shine as permanent staff. Contact us today to get started!